Exfoliator-Orange Scrub tube - 45 tube per case
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Exfoliator-Orange Scrub tube - 45 tube per case
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KVN Exfoliator Buff Away Cream Products are designed and reserved only for nail supply distribution and beauty professionals whom are interested in adding KVN resale products to their menus of service. Distributors must understand the requirements and the proper handling procedures and must also make them aware to all individual users before retailing items to an individual user.  All KVN products are for professional salon use only and are not for individual sale.


Only apply KVN Exfoliator before taking a bath/shower and also before applying other synthetic chemicals onto body surface. (a.e. Deodorant, soaps, lotions, perfumes, ect.) Skin should be un-tampered with and clean of chemicals. If any symptom occurs stop immediately and then apply baby oil or white petrolatum massage throughout the area.  Finally rinsing off use soap and only use COLD water.

Do NOT internally use this product  and face area.

Keep out of reach from children.

Keep away from overly heated and areas, work under enough ventilation or wear masks.

Do not reapply or apply twice in a day.



Squeeze out an appropriate amount to cover a thin layer of Exfoliator over the patch of hair you wish to be removed.

Let the formula sit and wait for about 2-5 minutes.

Then use a cloth to wipe off the hair and Exfoiliator leaving the skin hairless, smooth, and supple.

Next, massage with oil or massage serum to remove excess hair root to perfect the process.

Finally, go and wash off the formula with COOL/COLD water.

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